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About Us

We generally manage or co-manage the operations and construction activities of our own properties as well as perform the sales and leasing of commercial and residential space.

Our Acquisition strategy targets all different types of properties, such as residential, retail, office, medical, and warehouse/industrial spaces. We look for both stable income-producing properties and more complex situations where our specialized expertise can create value added opportunities.

Our Acquisition team is led by Jesse and Herb Krasnow, seasoned real-estate investors with over 90 years of experience between them. Bernie Gelb provides us with the marketing expertise critical for evaluation. Marc Lippman, head of Management and Construction, is responsible for the physical analysis of potential acquisitions. Fallyn Krasnow and Tracy Mehlman team with Jesse, Herb and Marc on every acquisition.

Our Management Philosophy

Our many years of experience with virtually all aspects of Real-Estate lend us a familiarity with the subtleties of the industry that sets us a notch above the average management firm. We understand the value of effective property management from an investor's or unit owner's standpoint because, under another hat, we too are investors and unit owners with the same high demands. We require focused and attentive management operations in all of our investment properties, and expect other unit owners and investors to demand the same from us as their managing agents. To put it simply, we know what sort of management practices make a property successful—both functionally and fiscally—and we take great care to implement those practices in all of the properties we manage.

Jesse Krasnow and Herbert Krasnow, the two principal owners of Sirius LLC, are both CPA's with long-term real-estate expertise. Their experience lends them significant familiarity with the cash-flow budgeting issues and long-term financial management strategies that property owners must consider. Herb and Jesse Krasnow oversee the fiscal management of all of our properties.

Jesse, Herb, and Marc's management experiences range from newly constructed properties to 100-year-old Landmark condo-conversions. The common thread is that virtually every property has had major managerial and construction problems to overcome at the time that Sirius became involved. The three are especially aware of the varying nuances and legalities of the relationships between Sponsors, Boards and Unit Owners. As a management Team, they've faced virtually every possible management conundrum. Their success in overcoming the array of problems that have confronted them over the years demonstrates their impressive managerial capacities.Fallyn Krasnow teams with Jesse Krasnow in all aspects of financial management from budgeting to financial modeling to mortgage and equity financial modeling.