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Sirius, LLC is a boutique real estate investment firm. Based in New York, our acquisition strategy targets opportunities in property types including residential, retail, office, medical, and warehouse/industrial spaces. We look for stable income-producing properties primarily in the Northeast, as well as complex situations where our specialized expertise can create value-added opportunities.

It is our mission to look for local investments in which we could assume the management functions, as well as opportunities in other areas in which we could provide equity. In recent years, we have had great success developing relationships with new local partners in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Maryland and South Carolina. While it is evident that some large national firms have been putting pressure on more closely held operations, we are confident there are bountiful niches in which we can continue to succeed.

Sirius LLC takes a traditional private-equity approach to fund-raising. On a deal-to-deal basis, an investment vehicle is created, in which our Accredited Investors participate. As in all investments, there is an estimated return as well as potential risk. As fiduciaries, we pride ourselves on always being transparent, fair and making every decision with our investors' best interest in mind.

If you are interested in learning more about our organization, opportunities or any of our practices, please feel free to contact us.

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