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Vice President/Partner


(646) 582-0103

New York

(212) 799-6671 Ext: 108

Fallyn Krasnow graduated cum laude from New York University with a B.A. degree in Economics and Business Studies. She has 15 years of hands on experience as a board liaison to cooperatives and condominiums as well as Investment Property boards and their respective investors. Fallyn is responsible for preparing and presenting operating and capital budgets. She also prepares detailed, sophisticated analyses for capital decision-making including new investments, capital improvements and financing options. She is a point person in researching and negotiating refinances as well as new mortgages. Fallyn has direct responsibility and oversight over the internal accounting staff and acts as one of the primary liaisons with accountants, banks and insurance agents. She also works on the design and renovation of public spaces and apartments offered for sale. 


Fallyn served as a Board member of her former cooperative for five years, three of which she was president.  She was the youngest president in the history of that cooperative.


Fallyn also volunteers for iMentor where she was paired with a disadvantaged high school student for four years to help her mentee navigate her way through high school and attend and graduate from college. Fallyn’s mentee is now a college student. 

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